SPOT - Live Tracking

Navigate the map below to see where I am and where I've been.  The map shows the last 30 days.

For a more informative map head over to my SPOT website.

Click -> SPOT Tracking

There is a better site for tracking progress.

Check out Trackleaders HERE
I'm the one labeled "O", you can also search for my trailname "OverDose"


  1. So your dad was definitely right to make you get the spot tracker - not only will we be able to find you if you get lost (or eaten by a grizzly), but now I can track your every move :). Loving it!

  2. Have you encountered any more wildlife?. The rattlesnake was great.

    1. Yeah, I have some great pictures of a black bear we met and a bunch of elk photos.I'll get them up in a couple days.