Thursday, March 26, 2015

Blogging and Journals from the trail

Blogging and stuff....

With so much technology out there I'm having quite the time deciding on which sweet electronic devices to carry.... lots of options and lots of weight.  There are three ways I plan to communicate and each one has it's own ups and downs.

The cellphone is pretty much the only piece of tech I have to take.  It's a backup for maps, I can type journal entries on it, I can take pictures, listen to music, email and pretty much anything else I can think of.  The only downside is that I will need service, lots of service.  As for journal entries, I'll basically be using it for typing journal/blog entries and and recording, dare I say, PODCASTS!!!! wahoooooo!!!!!!

Pretty much going to take video of everything I see.  I'm going to work this bad boy until full SD cards are falling out of my pockets.  What will I do with all of the video footage, who the heck knows... There will be a lot of it.  Maybe someone will do something cool with it when I die like that Robin Williams movie "The Final Cut".

Good ole pen and paper.
This is my go to method for keeping a journal.  Only problem?  I have bad handwriting.  Throw in a little notepad and the fact I'll be writing while prone most nights and we're screwed.  Well anyone that tries to read it is screwed.  My 2 or 3 notebooks from the PCT look more like a 7 year old kids life store, in penmanship, grammar and word choice.

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