Thursday, September 10, 2015

September 10th - So High, So Low

September 10th 2015

Motivated by an all you can eat breakfast, I woke up every hour last night in anticipation. The best comparison would be trying to sleep the night before Christmas or going to Disney. Up and out of the hostel by 7 I was down the street and at the lodge as soon as they opened. Israeli Tom joined me shortly after. It was some seriously tasty stuff and I ate my fair share. Plate after plate of eggs, bacon, sausage, home fries all topped with sausage gravy.  There were also a couple plates of pancakes and french toast.  The couple of weeks after I finish are going to be tough, I don't know how to stop eating anymore.

After breakfast I was on the trail and hiking my way to Two Medicine to get my permits for the back country. On the way I saw 4 black bears and 2 grizzlies. Welcome to Glacier National Park, I thought. The views today were stunning, everywhere I looked was another massive mountain with sheer cliffs covered in snow from the recent storm. Well, more like spotted in snow, it's been melting quickly. I can't imagine never coming back to this place, it's so beautiful and needs to be scheduled into my future life.

The low you might ask, it sounds like your day was amazing... Being a thru hiker I've become pretty tolerant of pain, it's a constant out here. The days that you don't have a little pain of some sort are like albinos, pretty rare and interesting to look at. As I mentioned before I have a little problem with my shin. I'm used to shin splits having had them before and I've always been able to run or walk and they've never cramped my style. This is something else straight from the depths of hiker hell, every step is like banging your shin on some low coffee table. I developed some weird flat footed limp causing the top of my foot to also scream at me. It's a recurring problem and I'm told it's a minorish sprain. I'm not really sure how I'm going to get through tomorrow and pull a 33 mile day out of my injured ass. As it is, I'm kinda stuck in the middle of no where at the moment, I'll have to hike at least 15 miles to get to a road. The following day I will be getting to the border after another 33 mile day, I will crawl if I need to.

So cool, glad I could end this epic adventure on a high note. There is also some red eyed demon mink thing harassing my campsite. That will keep things terrifying throughout the night.

Goodnight world.

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