Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7th - Winter Is Here

September 7th 2015

There was no warning,  no change in color of the leaves and no mercy. Sam, Picker, G, Funk, Delightful and myself took a zero day in Lincoln MT because the general mood of the weather was cold and wet.  We knew there was snow up here because we could see it! While in town other hikers used Facebook to share their struggles with the snow around the great state of Montana.  Hundreds of miles north and south hikers were complaining about the snow and why it couldn't have held off for a couple weeks.

Sam, Picker and I hit the trail around noon.  Our awesome hotel host offered to give us a ride to the pass, thank you! It was cold and windy, a trend that continued throughout the glorious day. There was a small chance of storms and around 6pm I saw them coming across the snow covered peaks that surrounded us. The temp dropped to freezing and the howling winds kicked it into high gear. I stopped and layered up, expecting the worst. I was lucky and the storms passed by south of me. It would have been beyond miserable if they reached me. In my best Gor-tex gear, which I have none of, I would have been cooold.

The views and hiking today were pretty sweet, I even got to walk through a couple miles of snow. Hopefully I'll live through the night as this wilderness is the most densely populated grizzly bear area in the country.

Yum,  hiker with his food in the tent. Crunchy snack.

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