Friday, September 11, 2015

September 11th - You Know The Day

September 11th 2015

Another day in the books. I'm that much closer to the border and the end. I hiked with Banana Pants and #2 today after camping with them last night. Well not with them, but in the same "camp ground", they were close but my "campsite" was a ways from them. The morning was a nice climbing up to the triple divide, three mountain ranges converging. From there the views and sunrise reflecting off of hte rocks had me snapping pictures like a tourist. The rest of the day was down hill through long burned out forests. After lunch my new ailments kicked in and it was limp city. I got to St. Mary's around 3 in the afternoon, had a hitchhike and 15 miles to go. Wisdom or laziness kicked in and I decided to skip up to Many Glacier to my permitted campsite for the evening. Cheating yes, giving two hoots, no. Banana Pants and #2 tried to get me to stay and extend my trip by a day but the free employee shuttle won. Unfortunately Xantara Resorts sucks big one and the shuttle never showed. The lady from the resort said the driver was sick, I told her she was full of crap. So around 6 pm it was time to hitch. After a while I got a ride with some guys that ran a bar in Babb and they took me to Babb. I hung out in the bar as they opened it and they said I could sleep out back if I wanted to stay for the party and live band. I would have never survived so I left to go hitch. A little while later I got a ride to Many Glacier, a couple from Chicago picked up a lady in St. Mary's that was hitchhiking to the same campground, actually campsite, as me.  She kindly convinced them to pick me up as well. During the ride I found out she's a lobbyist for Best Friends animal rescue.  She and my wife seem to know some of the same people, small world... We also saw a couple bears along the road, more freaking bears.

Almost there. Question of the day, how much ibuprofen can one person take in a day? I'll tell you tomorrow.

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