Friday, September 4, 2015

September 4th - Rain, Ice Cold Rain

September 4th 2015

The title sums it up, do I really have to write this blog?

It rained last night and continued to rain today on and off. I hiked with Picker and Sam all day and am currently camped, in the rain, with them. We hiked through clouds and the temperatures slowly dropped. At a couple points throughout the day I was genuinely miserable. Luckily it stopped raining for a couple hours and I dried out a little. I managed to stay pretty dry the night before and during the day, so I'm only half wet right now. The sun never showed its face so my tent stayed wet. Here's to a snowless night and easy hiking into town tomorrow. Thunderstorms are forecasted, who knows what that really means.

A little pointless rambling about the rain, I hoped you enjoyed.

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