Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September - It is September!!!!!

September 1st 2015

I recently read someone else's blog and was impressed with how many adjectives and how much descriptive wording they used. They mentioned the colors of the trees, the sweat dripping down their face, and even described the foul odors coming from their feet. By the way, the trees, plants and other green things are all trying to turn yellow and red. It is not very noticeable yet but nature is telling me to hurry up. Well, unfortunately you have me and I'm way to freaking lazy to type all that on my phone. Heck I'm not even sure I could describe what I see every day in that kind of detail. Besides, after the first couple of days everything would sound the same, because it is... I usually don't even put the name of hikers I'm hiking with because I don't like using the uppercase arrow. I do plan to revisit all of the blogs to add relevant pictures and as many details as I can remember. Maybe that will make me a better blogger.

I'm lying here in my tent shaking like a leaf. The silence outside is a bit eerie and I'm pretty sure there isn't another human around me for miles. As manly and brave as I generally sound in this blog, written by me, I do tend to get terribly scared of the dark. Maybe not the dark but out here a mouse running around my tent might as well be a grizzly bear. I left Mountain spice after a break this afternoon, maybe it was lunch, and haven't seen her since. I took a couple breaks to wait for her but she never showed up. She is getting a cold and I think its hitting her pretty hard. But don't worry, I sent her a text to confirm that's she's still alive and I got a response saying she is.

Today was nice and flat and I got a few miles of hiking in. I really do wonder what would happen if I hiked just a little bit more. I am usually on trail by 7:30 and stop at 8:00. Today that equated to 33ish miles, with some nice and long breaks. Imagine if I could get up and on trail by 6:30 and goto 8:30, 50 mile days!!! It gets light out later and dark earlier, it will never happen.

Here is a deer and two fawn and my new favorite chip flavor. Enjoy your evening Night Vale.

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