Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31st - Anaconda and the VMAs

August 30th - 31st 2015

Yes, I watched the VMAs. The first time I watch TV in over a month and I watched that crap. I was just as surprised with how many new artists there are that I've never heard of. That can't be a recent development. Anaconda was a cool little town and we had a good time at the Trade Wind motel. I even did my laundry at a casino, that was a fancy touch on laundry. I enjoyed a good bit of McDonalds, a whole bunch of donuts from an Albertsons, and had some chips and salsa. I can't believe it either, there are still Albertsons around.

More crap TV and hanging out with trail friends followed. Eventually we all dispersed and our hiking group is no more. Mountainspice and I yellow blazed a few miles of asphalt today and then hiked a bunch on dirt roads. There were cows everywhere and I would herd them up the dirt roads for miles. All they would do is moo obscenely and crap explosively all over the road. It was like walking through mine fields. There was a creek but since there were so many cows I didn't drink it. As camp time rolled around I was out of water and all of the guidebook sources were dry. Luckily we came across a sweet water trough with an inflow pipe and I drank my fill.

The smoke has cleared from the area for now and there is supposed to be some rain soon. I just learned that I'm going to have some visitors at the end of my hike. I'm extremely excited and my finish day just got moved up a couple days. There are still quite a few fires to navigate and 400 miles to go. Before I know it I'll be finished.

Yep, Anaconda casinos.

Camp for the night

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