Thursday, August 13, 2015

August 13th - AYCE Geyser Madness

August 13th 2015

Just saw a skunk before getting to camp at Summit Lake. It will be our last campsite in Yellowstone as the park boundary is only a couple miles away. I set chase to the skunk and he was fast, running and taking pictures I couldn't catch him and my only photo was blurry. As I got to camp and started setting up my tent with First Man the wolves started going crazy. First Man saw the wolf across the lake while he was getting water and by the time I arrived it was howling and circling the area. A little later the howling turned into a cacophony of death threats. We're both sleeping without food in the tent and have a pact to bear spray the other if he is getting attacked by blood thirsty wolves or bears. It's the new backcountry bear strategy.

The Yellowstone geyser basic was pretty spectacular and I got to witness a few of the geysers going off. We missed Old Faithful twice but got to see it on the 3rd attempt. Beehive geyser went off minutes before Old Faithful and it was pretty sweet too. We took care of the town chores and met up with Reststop and Focus for lunch. And yes, the AYCE breakfast buffet was filling, very filling. The food wasn't even that bad either.

Pretty good day, here are some pictures.

Lone Star Geyser

Beehive Geyser

Campsite with the wolves stalking us

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