Thursday, August 20, 2015

August 20th - 2000 miles!

August 20th 2015

Sometime today I probably hit 2000 miles. It's not definite thing because of the multitude of different routes that could have been taken. Picker, whom I've been hiking with the last couple of days hit his 2000 mile day yesterday. Being that we've done pretty much the same thing I took that honor today. We also pretty much hiked a million miles today and conveniently 2000 falls within a million. We left Seth and Jen at camp and never saw them again, it was nice hiking with them for a couple days. Today we met Lala and Daywalker and are currently camped with them. We all cranked out some late evening miles and sat together for a group dinner, something so rare on the DTC. We reveled in our on trail accomplishments and the hikers we've met and love. It was great conversation and I hope we get the opportunity to do another group dinner in the future.

The wind is howling around these mountains. The tall grass that touches my rain fly constantly makes a noise all too similar to mice chewing on my stuff. I can't stand it. The smoke cleared up a little today, my throat, eyes and lungs are really starting to hate the smoke. Some amazing views have been misses because of it too.

My creativity is, or never was, there, turning into pointless rambling. I'm off to sleep with a super early day planned for tomorrow. Not happy...

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