Saturday, August 22, 2015

August 22nd - in and out.. Burger!!!!

August 22nd 2015

After months of writing blogs I tend to get a little complacent and lose all creativity. This might be an interesting 30ish days of blogging. You should probably stop reading now for your own sake. I might even just stop writing, I know thousands of you would be very upset and protest but what other options are there. There was no burger but we did manage two 20+ mile days and spent 24 hours in town. That's my kind of hiking!

The whole town of Leadore, ID.

The smoke rolled in overnight and today has been a total white out. When I woke up this morning the cows were going crazy and I though we had a nuclear Holocaust on our hands. Luckily, that was not the case. I think a cold front moved in and pushed all of the smoke our way. Did I mention that it's getting cold? Days are pretty nice but nights and getting out of my sleeping bag are terrible!

Anyway, made it back to the trail and put in some good miles. I lost Picker when he randomly decided to hitch out of town and not tell anyone. Now I'm with Dayman and Lala, and Mountainspice. The plan is 30 mile days to Canada, hopefully I can stay with Dayman and Lala until the end. Fingers crossed to not being that awkward 3rd wheel... Lol.

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