Saturday, August 1, 2015

August 1st - the winds

August 1st 2015
Woke up to fall festival prep in the park where we were sleeping.  I was fortunate enough to get my tent and gear packed away before getting run over by a truck. Met up with Nick, Elinor, and Bigfoot for an amazing breakfast at the Middle Fork restaurant. After breakfast with my server buddy from the bar from the day before  (he was our server and gave me a free drink at the Lander Bar), I headed to the library.  It opened at 1000, I got my blogs updated and did some resupply work. It was noon by then so I headed to the brewery for a beer and lunch.  I met the brewer, name, the day before and he joined me for some beer at the bar.  He was awesome, the beers flowed freely and he let me try his award winning chili beer he was current brewing.

Eventually the fun came to an end but was replaced by a new type of fun. Myself, Elinor, and Bigfoot met up with Treeboo and his girlfriend Kirsten for a ride back to the trail, there was ice cream too.  When we got there we saw Viper and Tragic trying to hitch down to Lander.  Boy did they get lucky,  I also met my first southbounder but don't remember his name. He got a ride down also.
The day was ridiculously hot and the three of us stopped for a siesta a couple miles in. While sitting there, First Man,  Chimichanga,  and Chilly rolled up, shortly followed by Cookie Monster.  We hiked and chatted all afternoon long,  it was welcomed conversation. Eventually we found a sweet campsite on a grassy ridge and watched an epic sunset.  Currently  the moon is rising in stellar fashion,  I think it's the 2nd or 3rd moon in a row making it a blue moon.
The Winds are going to be sweet!

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