Friday, August 21, 2015

August 21-22 - the great hustle

August 22nd 2015

Yesterday was a blur, a blur of hiking. We made it to the pass by 12:45, covering our remaining 18 miles with unnatural speed. Best of all it only took an hour to get a ride to Leadore, ID. It was also extremely windy on the divide, hard to stand at times.

Resupply was easy, Katie sent my food box from a couple hundred miles away. It was easy but expensive to use the priority flat rate system since the destination was so close. I stayed with a bunch of hikers at the Leadore Inn, a tiny place with only 4 rooms. Here's the lowdown or who's who: Dayman, Lala, Mountain Spice, Roland, Picker, Seth, Jen and some random guy that ended up staying in the house. A whole lot of hikers.

As I went to bed, the smoke was meandering across the sky and moving into our vicinity. It looked like it finally cleared up a little yesterday. Unfortunately this morning it has taken over my life. It's so thick that the sun is a dim glowing ball. I'm a little worried that my lungs are going to be destroyed. I'm going to eat some pizza for breakfast and wait for the ride back to trail.

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