Saturday, August 15, 2015

August 15th - back to the mountains

August 15th 2015

Sawtelle Mountain Resort saved out butts last night and the camping wasn't so bad. I might actually be getting spoiled by nice and groomed campsites.

I hiked with First Man today - it looks like we'll stay together until Lima, maybe longer. We have slightly different hiking styles and alone would end up a couple miles apart every day. Maybe we'll both compromise to continue to hike together... Montana might get lonely otherwise since everyone both of us usually hike with are couple days or more behind us. Besides, he's good company and enjoys many of the same hiking comforts I do.

We ended up being on a pretty spectacular ridge for the last couple hours of the day and camped in some old mine. It got windy and cold so the protection is appreciated. Tomorrow will be a long day to get as close to Lima as possible. That gives us more of a break on Monday if things work out.

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