Tuesday, August 25, 2015

August 25th - Shut Up Legs

August 25th 2015

32 miles of hell....

There are so many terrible things I could compare today to. Well, maybe not the whole day. There was a good amount of climbing all day, we would go way up and way down. There was a pretty serious climb to Big Hole Pass and I had help from God to zoom up that one. Literally, the Holy Spirit entered my body and moved my legs. He came back for round two in what I would like to call the 6 miles from hell.

It was about 6 pm and we decided to hike another 6 miles to a spring. This would leave 10 miles to hike in the morning to get to the pass from which we would hitch hike into town. I had just done a bunch of speedy hiking but for some reason wasn't spent yet. The section started off smooth and and easy, a really nice ridge walk. Then out of nowhere the trail went straight up, I mean vertical. It stayed like that for a little while and once I drug my spent body to the top it went straight back down. That was mile 1. Needless to say things got much worse. At one point I came up on an older couple out here hiking and the woman told me that she is really starting to hate thru hikers. Encouraged by her negativity, I ran up the rest of the climb.

There were several more really nasty climbs before I finally made it to the campsite. Over the next 30 minutes everyone else rolled in exhausted and wondering why we were just put through that kinda of torture. During the last couple of climbs I kept thinking to myself of the pro cyclist, Thor Husshovd, that has the term "shut up legs" on the top of his bike for encouragement. It was a tough section, probably the most difficult of the whole trail, and I got through it relativity unscathed. The most challenging part was that it was at the end of a big day at the end of a BIG section from town to town.

We're kicking some butt out here and the end is getting closer.

The beginning of the end.

Does a very good job of summing everything up.

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