Sunday, August 2, 2015

August 2nd - the winds rock

August 2nd 2015
I made a short video blog for the day but it was more of a ramble so I'll write something too.  I'm sitting here waiting for my dinner to rehydrate while getting munched on by mosquitoes. The positive,  I'm in one of the most amazing places in my life. Sitting on the east shore of Temple lake surrounded by granite cliffs basking in a golden light from the sunset. The cirque of towers is looming in the distance asking for me to come hike there and I can't wait.
I found a cricket in my tent so we put him on a hook hoping to catch a trout.  They are jumping all over the place,  I think the cricket is too big. Dinner consisted of Asian rice noodles with some tortellini and green pepper mixed in. Lunch, a pretty sweet trail sandwich, was pretty good too. I'll probably run out of food tomorrow but that's okay...
Everyone is camped together again  tonight and it's pretty cool.  Myself, Chimi, and Chilli got here followed by First Man and Cookie Monster racing the sunset.   Bigfoot and Elinor snuck past us and continued on to another lake to camp.  There was much discussion about an on trail zero but none of us can afford to do that, food wise. I'll have to come back with Katie and the dogs - they would love it here.
Today was pretty exciting and I even got punked with a bear bell.  Someone snuck in it my pack this morning.  My mission is to put it in a southbounder's pack as soon as I get the chance.

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