Wednesday, August 19, 2015

August 19th - Along the border

August 19th 2015

Captain's log...

In a smokey wasteland a few brave hikers meandered through the grass and sage covered mountains without an end in sight. There were devastating thousand foot climbs and caves full of cow and buffalo bones, maybe even weaker hikers. The orange tinted sun was relentless and the water was scarce. Motivation was strong but we slowly lost members of the group to the grueling miles. Who am I kidding, thru hikers will leave others for dead to get a couple more miles in. Eventually we made it to our final destination, Deadman Lake, in the fading light. Life saving nourishment came in the form of savory mac and cheese enhanced with powdered milk, olive oil and crushed bacon. It was washed down with chemically treated water and Knob Creek whiskey. Dessert? Why yes, cow tails.

All and all not a terrible day, tomorrow is going to be a big one to make Friday a little easier. There are over 50 strenuous miles left and the goal is to get in Friday afternoon. We've been hiking back and forth on the border of Idaho and Montana along the continental divide, pretty cool. If the smoke wasn't so bad I'm sure the views would be amazing.

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