Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August 4th - Pinedale... Maybe

August 4th 2015
For the moment I've given up hope and am sitting in the middle of the road at Elkhart trailhead.  There are about 50 cars here and no people, if only I had hot wiring skills. It's getting late and I have no food, I really hope someone will come to my rescue.

Everything was really wet this morning but nothing was ruined because of it. I did somehow manage to have some more bad luck this morning but it's a little embarrassing so I'll leave it at that.  The trail was the muddy express with remnants from last night's storm everywhere. There were low clouds nestled in the rockscape mountains and it made everything look like that game Myst. I had a quick lunch with Chimichanga and took off on my 10+ mile detour to Pinedale.  I met a lot of weekend hikers and NOLS hikers along the side trail.  There were also several horse and llama trains that passed by and really gunked up the trail with their hooves and poop. I'm not the biggest fan of pack animals,  I'm sure that would change if I had one...
Eventually I made it to Elkhart pass and plopped down on the road to wait for cars.  There were over 50 of them in the parking lot but I guess everyone was hiking. Finally someone passed going the wrong way and came back a few minutes later, I flagged them down and had a ride down to town. It was a father and daughter they were both very nice.  His son is going to attempt the record on the Sierra High route, sounds tough and amazing.
Brewery,  dinner and camping with a couple cyclists in an abandoned Koa campsite. The night turned out well and tomorrow I will resupply and get out of town with Reststop and Focus.  I finally caught back up with Reststop after a month of trying.

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  1. you look like you've gained a ton of weight in this picture...I hope that is just the wind...