Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24th - Day 106 and Da Bears...

August 24th 2015

Everyone was talking about how many days they have been out and until 5 minutes ago I had no idea. With some simple trig calculations I figured out that I've been on trail for 106 days. Not too shabby, I think there are about 20 days left.

The smoke went away a little today and turned into mountains. If there was a good day for things to get clear it was today. The grassy mountains gave way to pine forests and eventually rocky mountains and alpine lakes. Despite the strenuous climbs, the change in terrain had been a welcome one. With all of the forests around, the bears have been rampant. Before yesterday I had only seen 4 bears on the whole trip. Then, yesterday I saw a mom and 2 cubs. Today I saw a black bear in the morning and another one mid afternoon.

Still it was a great day culminating in a cleansing dip in Lena Lake, a group dinner, and a pretty good camp fire. The icing on the cake, a double dinner and whiskey lemonade. Things are getting physically tough out here but I would like to think that I'm doing it in style. I'll be crawling the last few miles into camp tomorrow from exhaustion but it will be okay. There is going to be a hot tub at my resupply in Sula the next morning, hot tubs fix everything.

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