Sunday, September 27, 2015

September 27th - Haven't Showered for 3 Days

September 27th - 2015

Phew, what a crazy couple of weeks.  I've done everything on my list of things to do when I returned to civilization and am slowly working my way back to "normal". Well almost everything, the lottery is still giving me a hard time about winning the super mega jackpot.

I made it to Seattle and spent a couple days there getting reeducated on bar tabs.  I spent some time with my sister, good buddy Chas and some of their friends. My sister, Courtney, spent some time as a bartender so we bar hopped like it was going out of style.  During the days I wandered around downtown Seattle like a homeless bloke and even took a Duck tour like a good tourist. By the last day I was ready to get home to Reno. I also brought the end of summer and beginning of the rainy season with me to Seattle.


Katie met me at the airport and drove me back to our house.  Boy is it good to be home but I'm still getting used to sleeping on a bed and taking daily (sometimes more) showers. Unfortunately she had to work the next day so I headed over to Zephyr Cover on Lake Tahoe to say hi to a couple buddies playing in the Nevada State Championships Disc Golf Tournament.  I got there during lunch and it was great, I am extremely grateful to have such a wonderful group of friends. There were hugs and high fives everywhere I turned. I did some caddying and headed home to meet Katie after work.

Since then I've spent a couple days playing disc golf and diligently worked on my honey do project list around the house.  My leg is still a little off so I've gone for a couple road bike rides to try and maintain my trim and sexy body. Guess what, it's working.  Some days I'm hit or miss with the eating normal human amounts but I'm failing miserably with my beer consumption. I've been told multiple times to stop drinking so much beer, my response "but I don't have to carry it, why can't I drink as much as I want". I seem to be losing that battle.

This weekend we did something a little odd and went camping, it was amazing.  There was a car ride to get there, a cooler full of food and drinks and a leaky air mattress to remind me of the trail. I cooked all of the food I couldn't hike out with on the trail and partied like it was 1999. All I can say is that car camping is totally the way to go.  I spent a little time walking around the place checking out the RVs....

Things have been pretty good and I feel blessed to have accomplished something so amazing in my life.  I spent a little time today checking up on my friends still hiking.  Most are finished and there are a couple still out there. The weather looks like it's holding off and I wish all of them the best of luck.  Hopefully over the years I'll have the opportunity to see some of these guys and relive our great adventure.

This will probably be my last blog post for a while.  I'm not sure what else to write about.  Sure, I could tell you what I did here and there but would you really be that interested? It would be epic stories of disc golf adventures and such.  I'm going to make reviews for all of my gear and add photos to all of the blog posts over the next couple of days. If you have made it this far on this post and have any questions about the hike feel free to hit me up.


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