Saturday, September 5, 2015

September 5th - Snow

September 5th 2015

As we expected, it rained all night long. Band after band of showers rolled throughout the mountains and kept things interesting. By some sort of miracle I was up at 5:55 and cooking coffee. A little while later and the day was in full swing. The clouds and rain bands moved around the divide keeping us soaking wet all day. The rain would turn to hail and eventually snow, although it wasn't sticking to the ground. Because it was cold and I was soaking wet there was no stopping. I ate and walked without breaks until I got to Rogers pass at 3 pm. The three of us stood there trying to hitch as the storm of the century quickly moved upon us. Within minutes we were in a whiteout of hail blown by jet stream force winds. As luck would have it we got a ride, a very cramped ride, with a nice family. During the couple minutes it took us to cram in there was an inch of hail on the floor of the car.

Lincoln is a cool town and everyone is pretty nice. There are a lot of locals that keep telling us how bad the grizzly and mountain lion populations are. It's very interesting, they seem to think we're all going to be killed by bears. The lady at the Blue Sky Motel was even kind enough to mail a package for me on Tuesday since everything is closed for labor day weekend. Overnight, the rain persisted and this morning all of the mountains were covered in snow. It was a unanimous decision to take a zero and stay another day. Woot woot! Unfortunately, the snow is still there and will be tomorrow when we hike out.

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