Saturday, September 12, 2015

September 12th - Waterton Lake!!!!!!!!!!

September 12th 2015

Wow, the day has finally come. I'm only 4 miles from the end of one hell of an adventure. Homer was thinking pretty big when he wrote the Odyssey but this is even BIGGER. I took a few moments throughout the day to reflect on the trip and more importantly the end of this trip. I really doubt it will all kick in at the border but when it does I hope I'm ready. I'm a little sad I don't get to share this moment with a bunch of my thru hiking friends I've made over the last couple months. That's okay though, I'm very excited to share the moment with my dad tomorrow morning, that's going to be very special. I have a list of things to do and pictures to take, it's a once in a lifetime situation and I don't want to forget anything.

Today was probably the last 30 mile day I'll ever do. It's a blessing that I'll never have to do another one but it's also kind of depressing knowing I might never be able to do another one. Either way, today wrecked me. The last few miles had me limping something fierce, injuries are totally overrated. Oh well it's over now! If I'm not better in a couple days I'll do the responsible thing and see a doctor.

Like everyday in Glacier National Park, the views and sights were spectacular. I met a few people along the trail and am staying in this odd shelter thing. It's a cube with 4 sleeping areas facing 4 directions and cement floors. Odd, but at least I don't have to set up my tent. There are a couple groups of friends here hiking together on their annual hiking trips. One group is from Orlando and that's pretty sweet, we talked about my home town for a little while and they congratulated me on the conclusion of my hike

Woot woot, 4 more miles! (plus 4 to Waterton Lakes but who is counting)

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