Saturday, May 9, 2015

And we're (I'm) off!!

Day 1 – May 9th 2015

Planes, taxis and greyhound buses...  I made it to Lordsburg NM today and that's reason to celebrate right there.  My wonderful wife took me to the airport this morning and it was pretty tough saying goodbye knowing that I won't be able to see her for a while.  The dogs were clueless and used the morning to get some extra sleep.  I managed to get two, one hour flights with no layover in Los Angles. It worked out pretty well and was one less hassle to deal with.  As I boarded the flight to Tucson I realized I forgot my Greyhound ticket in Reno, the Greyhound bus company sucks.  You have to have a ticket preprinted and there is no electronic boarding.  I begged the southwest baggage lady to help me out and she did, crisis averted.  A quick taxi to the bus station and some waiting around and I was on the way to Lordsburg. My first Greyhound bus adventure and I’m starting to understand why I’ve never taken a bus before.  It beats any kind of entertainment you can get on TV, seriously, the bus was full of crazy people and the driver was crazy as hell too.  I had the new Avenger movie and Hot Tub Time Machine 2 on my cell phone, the trip wasn't that bad.

On the flight out of LA I recognized Mt San Jacinto from the airplane, there are probably a few PCT hikers down there right now.  It looks like the just got a load of fresh snow.


Everyone here is pretty nice, I mean really nice.  I made a wrong turn from the bus station and made a big loop around town.  I don't have cell data so I couldn't use google maps.  Eventually I made it to the supermarket and was given directions to a Mexican restaurant to eat.  I must suck with directions because I ended up wandering around for another couple miles looking for the place, not a good start to a 300 mile hike through the wilderness.  Eventually I found it, turns out I walked right past it but there was a train blocking my view.  I made it back across town with a full stomach, some beer and gatorade I picked up at the store.  BONUS!!! As I walked into the store I found a $20 on the ground, FREE DINNER!!!

I'm staying at the Econo Lodge until Monday and made friends with the person at the front desk, her family moved here from Ohio a year ago and seems to like it.  Again, everyone here is very nice.  Feel free to stop by if you're in the neighborhood....  On a bad note I never checked the insoles of my shoes and after walking around all day I realized that they are in super bad shape.   Hopefully a little duct tape will hold them together until I can pick up my new ones when I get back to town.  By next Thursday the local post office will have 4 packages waiting for me. 
Some more bad news, Katie got me a new 64gb SD card because the one I already have is pretty much dead.  Last night and this morning I loaded it up with all of my music and audiobooks for the hike, about 40gb’s.  I didn't realized until I got on the plane that Sansa Clip MP3 player does not support 64gb cards!!!! Now the computer I am working on will not recognize my card, it keeps telling me it needs to be formatted, the injustice.  I hate SD cards.

Tomorrow I have a few errands to run and I finally get to sleep in, first time in weeks.  I'm sure I'll be back to write about the awesome day I'm going to have.  Joe gets in at 11 PM, he didn't get lucky with the flight schedule as I did. I'm super excited to be here, I haven't quite realized what I'm in for but an idea is starting to form in the back of my head. 

Until tomorrow.

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