Saturday, May 16, 2015

Big miles baby

What a great day.
We started our adventure goofing off at the hotel this morning.  It took us forever to get out of the hotel. Neither of us woke up feeling too great, the pizza place next door sells poison. Finally we started our road walk out of town... Only to stop at McDonald's 5 minutes later. At Micky Dee's we met a guy with a bike that looked like he was doing some traveling. Turns out he was. He likes to go back and forth across the US on a beater bike, metal framed wagon with a Tupperware on it and some leather bags on top of that. Picture an old fishing boat captain with gray hair and matching beard, topping it off a golf hat. We listened to his tales of woe and stories of wonder while we devoured our greasy hash browns. As we walked away he reminded us that tomorrow is Sunday.
From there we had a couple miles of road walking to get back to a flat expanse some like to call "the desert". You find weird things on the road - I found an HTC One, more on that story to come. Road walks are peculiar things. We missed the trail and had to hop a fence. We actually hopped quite a few fences today. Once we hit the trail we made great time knocking out the miles like Mike Tyson. After a late lunch and a day of carrying way too much water, we finally realized we made it to the trees. Woot Woot. Not quite real trees but just as good. There were ups and downs and even trail maintenance; it's nice to finally hike on a real trail. Eventually we made it back to hwy 90, a giant loop back to the same road we left in the morning. Don't worry, we get to do a 12 mile road walk on it tomorrow too. After that we got terribly lost and hiked a half mile before realizing we might not be on the trail.  The hike back was up hill in extremely sandy river bed. Oh well, its not like it was the end of the day and we were spent or anything. Finally, we spent the last hour of the day trying to hike more and not quite liking any of the camp sites we passed.
Eventually, we found a suitable camp site and set up out tents for party mode. For dinner I had black beans and rice while Joe had some sort of pad Thai. Neither of us were too happy about the way our dinners turned out but we had whiskey to make up for it. Woot Woot!!!
The weather was nice, the wind was windy, and it was a good day.

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