Sunday, May 17, 2015

"R" is for road walk

We still had some youthful exuberance from the previous day. We hiked the crap out of the trail the day before, today... Not so much. We quickly realized we had to climb a couple thousand feet to somewhere in the neighborhood of 8100 ft. The climb was beautiful and Joe and I kept referencing the similarity to Tahoe. When we reached the top, we had lunch in the ruins of some old community. There were several old foundations scattered around the top of the mountain. After lunch we went back down to a pine needle flavored spring called "mud spring". We found a bag of gopro stuff and some socks, some poor guy or girl must really be upset they lost this. I made a Facebook post to hopefully find the owner.
We made a wrong turn from the mud spring and followed the springs service trail down the mountain to burrow mountain homestead, a fancy trailer/rv park. Everyone waved to us and we made our way to the dirt entrance road. 1 million miles later we made it to hwy 90 for another road walk.
Eventually, with the help of a friendly guy named Michael, we made it to the Toad Brewery. Our plans to keep hiking were smashed by sore muscles, decrepit feet and the desire to have 1 more beer. It worked out well because we ended up at this sweet 1900s hotel, there is a lot of history in this place.
We figured out that we can probably make it to Doc Campbell's and the cliff dwellings with our left over food... Odd right? So we are skipping the resupply, eating breakfast in the morning and hiking another big mile day tomorrow.  If things work out, we'll get some hot spring time in two days time.

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