Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Food Prep

I'm starting to lose my mind, so many things to get ready before I leave and I no longer have the luxury of time.  As much as I tried to avoid procrastination it's got me by the feet and dragging me down with it.  What can you do? (Don't answer that)

I have a rough plan for New Mexico and need to send myself some food ahead of time to avoid starving to death.  Joe and I are going to start off with four 20 mile days and resupply back in Lordsburg, NM.  The supermarket there is expensive so I'll send some food and just buy cheese and beer...  From there we head north for a while doing 25 mile days.  Joe has to be in Albuquerque on the 28th to fly home so we're going to make a 130 mile push from Silver City to Pie Town on the 26th.  It will avoid a difficult hitch on hwy 12.

Here is a rough sketch.

After Joe leaves I'm on my own, hopefully 25 mile days don't kill me because that's a pace I would like to keep for a while.  We were against it in the beginning but Joe's flight out made us change our game plan.

As far as food this is a good picture, it shows about 2 days worth....  I'm experimenting with different meal ideas that keep the calories up and the cost down.  I think I'll run in to a few problems with rehydration but food is food.  Only thing missing is a trip to the grocery to get lunches, the hardest meal to plan for on the trail.

Katie is learning how to use the vacuum sealer, it's pretty sweet and I wonder what else we can vacuum seal. Not sure if Pazza likes it or not.


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