Thursday, May 14, 2015

Monday 5-11

Day 3, May 11th 2015

The border to 2 miles north of the first water cache.

We started off the morning early, ready to take off on a great adventure. After some house keeping a McDonald's breakfast sandwich was in order. We walked back to the hotel to meet Jeff (our ride to the trail).  I'll try my best to help you get an idea of who Jeff is. We roll in to his place and load up in the international scout for the trip to the border.  New Mexico is the desert, a huge desert that makes Reno look like an oasis full of soft plants. Really, everything is out here to kill you. The trip to the border was full of tales of the land and axle smashing roads. It was very similar to my drunken off-roading days that I’m so very fond of. We filled up a couple water cache boxes and met a guy that almost died out here a couple weeks ago, I guess he wanted to give it another try and decided to hike south.  Border Patrol had rescued him twice and refused to let him enter the desert again.  After a couple more hours we made it to the border.
We took some sweet pictures.
Met a Mexican border patrol agent named Alejandro.
Got him to give us a ride to a store in Mexico at the Mennonite farm.
Asked him to give us a ride back to the border.
Said goodbye.
Hiked a bunch of miles....
Pretty much sums it up. 

Mexican Mennonites only speak Spanish and German and are pretty much dicks.  They don't sell beer, just cigarettes and their store is about what you would expect it to be 100 miles from the closest town.  It’s also on the other side of the border. Jeff is awesome and our trip with Mexican border patrol pretty much made his year. The class of 2016 will most like hear the story.

The trail, the reason we are here. I started with Joe and Atlas was on a bright cloudless day under a vast expanse of endless blue skies.  We had a mild day of 13.7 miles to make it to the first water cache. We all carried too much or just enough water except for Atlas, he left his extra jug in Alejandro’s Jeep Wrangler. It was rough, rocky and hot but full of amazing sights and animals. We even had a close encounter with a rattle snake, the perfect opportunity to take an up close photo. Bees attacked our water supply and pretty much ruined our dinner at the water cache. That and red heet, It makes black smoke when it burns and is not ideal for use in an alcohol stove. After dinner we hiked a couple miles, bushwhacked a bit and finally found a crappy place to camp. Joe pointed out that at least we were not on some of the huge rocks that we spend the last couple of hours hiking through.

Anyway, it’s dark and I'm tired, I think it’s time for bed. All of your typical hiker injuries to deal with and look forward to.... No details, stay positive!

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