Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Soo close

Some elk decided to harass our camp site in the middle of the night. They were so close that all I could hear was chewing. I banged on my tent wall and got some guttural noise of disapproval. They were also farting up a storm. For fear of being trampled I quit trying to scare them away and went to back to sleep.
The morning was cold. Blisters are back and a couple of days ago I sprained the top of my left foot. The big mile days are making it worse. Today we are going to work on keeping it under 20. We had a semi late start and spent some time getting water out of a big windmill tank. The algae in the water clogged up my filter, so now it is as slow as molasses.
The first couple miles of the day were tough, my body was tired. Maybe it was the lack of water and proper nutrition. Eventually we made it to a primitive camp site with some horse people camping. We said hi and found a picnic table to eat lunch - that is a luxury out here. To our surprise, they gave us a huge plate of watermelon, freaking WATERMELON!!!! It was such a special treat. The privy also resupplied my tp stash, God is looking out for me.
We headed up to Mengus mountain, it has an active fire tower that is still manned. Mike the Fire Observer showed us around and spoke with us for a while. The tower is very cool, usually they are abandoned. We watched the rain storms circle around and hoped we would be spared. 
We weren't lucky, we made it down the mountain and the temperature plummeted. The rain moved in and we scrambled for flat ground to set up out tents. It has been raining for a couple hours and not letting up. Times like this I wish I had a larger double walled tent. But then I'd have to carry it...
Another excellent day and Pie town is just around the corner. If we hustle maybe we can get there before the restaurants close.

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