Saturday, May 23, 2015

Middle Fork of the Gila

Pretty cool day hiking through the river. The feet and ankles have been better but the views are amazing. At times the canyon even got down to 50 feet across with towering cliffs on either side. The hiking is slow but we expected that. I'm also glad to have the companionship of 135, without him this journey would test the limits on my mental abilities, its tough. When he leaves in a couple days I'm going to have to man up and stop being scared of the woods and dark.
Got a couple more amazing photo spheres of the canyons and waterfalls. I think I'm addicted to photo spheres.
Throughout the rest of the day our bodies slowly got pounded down buy the relentless river and rocky surfaces. Joe even fell asleep at lunch.  We did about 20 miles today and only have a few more river crossings tomorrow. On the plus my feet will know what its like to be dry again. On the downside we'll have to start carrying more water. We did see the first bear of the trip! It was a medium sized guy with the typical black fur and tan nose. We took a lot of pictures of him, it was the first bear!
Time to take some antiinflammatories and hit the sack.

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