Friday, May 29, 2015

Road walks

We left the Thomas Mountain ranch around 0730/0800 and did some more road walking today. I hear we get to do some asphalt roads tomorrow...
We went from pinyon pines to nothingness, vast nothingness... It was hot but I kept myself well shaded and kept applying the sun tan lotion. I almost lost Squirrel and Holly, they were taking a while at a previous water source and I was getting overheated. Their heat distorted bodies showed up on the horizon just as I started to walk away.
The rest of the day was in these awesome canyons with petroglyphs all over the place. Around 23 miles in, two teachers on quads gave us a couple beers. I love the art of a good yogi.  A few hundred yards down the road they left us another two beers. Under the two they wrote "dinner". I have a feeling they might stash some more beers for us somewhere between here and Grants, awesome guys!
Sleeping at a windmill. Another 25 miles tomorrow to leave a 20 mile day into Grants on Friday. New shoes and all you can eat Chinese. I just have to get there now.

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