Saturday, May 23, 2015

If I lived on a cliff I'd live in a cliff dwelling

The word of the day is "time" - we had a lot of it today.  I saw Atlas pack up and leave by 0545. I wish and hope to get that super power. I slept for another couple hours until Joe asked me to watch his boiling water while he went somewhere. That was a good thing, it lead to a couple cups of tasty coffee.  After making a fire and packing up, we headed back to the hot springs for a foot soak. I don't think all of these river crossings and hot springs are good for my blister ravaged feet, I know they aren't.
Doc Campbell's gave us our resupply packages, breakfast burritos, and ice cream. I even got some super glue to reattach the Velcro for my gaiters back to my shoes.
A four mile road walk in the blazing sun and we were at the cliff dwellings, cool stuff. Keep an eye out for the photo sphere, it's a good one.
Time to do some hiking. We made it 4.5 miles over the ridge and down an amazing rainforest slot canyon back to a fork of the Gila river. More wet feet and lots of river crossing followed. We cut the day short and stopped at a pretty amazing hot spring for another foot deteriorating soak. Its called Jorden hot springs and the hike is worth it. Seems like a pretty popular place on the weekends.
Thirty more miles and 130 more river crossings until I get dry feet again....

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