Friday, May 15, 2015

Day four

May 14th, Lordsburg to Lordsburg.... 0 miles

So, late last night Joe called me and told me he got disorientated and was hiking back to hwy 113.  We kind of messed up and I never gave him my GPS with the preloaded bear creek track.  I think the track is only for this section and I honestly don't even know how it got on my GPS...  I think maybe I downloaded it from the Econo Lodge computer. It is pretty awesome, by simply turning on my GPS, I can know where the trail is and if I'm on it.  Regardless, he spent all morning trying to get a ride from hwy 113 to town, but no one picked him up.  Again, goes to show how lucky I got.  Eventually, Eric, the kid from yesterday, showed up, and Joe decided to hike with him.  Negatively it delays us and jeopardizes Joe's exit date, one of the reasons I came in early to rest.  On the other hand it gives me a little more rest for my feet and leg.  My only fear is all of this money I'm spending on the hotel room is going to keep me from getting a hotel down the line.  I've always wondered what it's like to sleep under a freeway bridge...
This morning I hobbled my way into town and picked up my supplies.  The post office had both of my packages and NAPA had the yellow heet!!!  No more black smoke.  I broke my sunglasses yesterday and got a sweet pair from the Dollar General.  I also picked up some shoe insole pillow feet.  FML, I should have gone there before we started.  I think I have everything I need now.  On another note UPS is holding both of my packages, a new shirt and new insoles, hostage.  Luckily my amazing wife found out and got them sent to the Econo Lodge!!! Around 1400 both packages came in and I danced like a happy school kid at recess.

Check out that sweet new shirt, I'll have no problems hitch hiking looking that good.

A little before that Atlas (Chris) showed up looking like he had just come out of a war zone.  He stayed dazed like that for a couple of hours.  We shared the hotel room and took another walk into town.  Later that afternoon God decided to let the heavens rain down on us and the streets were flowing with mini rivers.  I hope there weren't any flash floods out there.

I'm starting to get a little stir crazy and really need to get out of this town.  Everyone that works at the hotel knows my name and I know their names. 

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