Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day 2... The second day.

Day 2 –May 12th 2015

Day 2 day 2.....

Lots of things come to mind when you say "day 2", lots of exciting things and lots of bad things.  Started off early in the morning after a cowboy camp under the stars - there were some amazing views until the moon blinded me around 3 AM. The weather all day was overcast and humid, not something you would expect in the desert. It kept us cool while we hiked and tamed the wrath of the southern sun. The trail was a mix of sand, dirt road walking, and rock scrambling.  For the first few miles we hiked in-between formed piles of rocks with a post sticking out of them.  There wasn’t much of a trail between the posts. Thanks to good teamwork we stayed on track and ended up going the right direction.

During the day, we spooked a few herds of cows and got to see a load of snakes. There were quite a few close encounters. I came face to face with a king snake, and Joe pissed off a rattlesnake snake. We think we were almost killed by 2 king snakes, 1 pissed off rattlesnake, and 1 green Mojave rattlesnake. We can use pictures and a snake expert to figure out what is what, did I mention that Joe is terrified of snakes?

After a lot of praying and animal sacrifice to avoid blisters I managed to get two nasty ones on my feet.  One quickly turned into a blood blister and shortly after exploded. I usually don't get blisters so I'm a little pissed off and I've never had a blood blister. As a result of the limping I got a couple blisters on my other toes. “Ain’t nothing but a blister party.” I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on the whole situation and I’m pretty sure the duct tape was a bad idea.

We ended up dry camping right past a water providing windmill 5 miles from Hwy 9 and our next water source.

Why did we camp there? Because the storm of the century moved in on us like a plague of locusts. Heavy winds and a light rain chased us for a good hour, we humped it until all hope was lost and the end was imminent.  Finally we set up our tents in a downpour and jumped in. All this time I thought it wasn’t supposed to rain in the desert.

It was a really nice day and we were fortunate to avoid the heat. Joe and I will always joke about "Day 2".

Day 2...I can't wait for day 3.

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