Sunday, May 10, 2015

Lordsburg, NM

Day 2 – May 10th, 2015
Sat around doing nothing all day.  At least I wasn't stuck in Tucson like Joe, poor guy had to hang out at the Greyhound bus station for 7 hours. I spend about an hour in that bus station and couldn’t possible imagine spending 7 hours there.  Joe mentioned that he spend a little time in a bar to pass the time.  If the bus station was bad, the area around it was really bad.  I’m glad he’s still alive and made it to Lordsburg.

This morning I met Chris, aka Atlas.  He hiked the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) last year and is starting the CDT with Joe and me.  We pretty much spent the day bored as hell together.  The allure of Lordsburg only last about 4 hours. 

Didn't get my music and audiobooks figured out but I managed to get a few books downloaded to keep my mind off walking for a coupled days.  Looks like this is finally it, day 0, tomorrow we start the hike to Canada.

Here is a picture of Lordsburg if you were wondering what it looks like.  I'm going to photosphere the heck out of this trail.

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  1. Have fun honey! The dogs and I are rooting for you - have an awesome hike, can't wait to see all the pictures. The girls and I are going to start practicing our long distance hikes so we can join you for a couple days somewhere along the way :)