Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day threeeeeee

Day threeeeee.

It started and stopped raining a few times throughout the night. I eventually got out of my tent and fixed it, I guess I forgot how to set it up correctly. Everything was still wet when I crawled out to empty my overstressed bladder. I slept pretty well, my alarm went off at 5 something and I didn't get up until 6 ish. That's really something we need to work on, especially in the desert.

We dry camped with low water and had 5 miles to hike before the hwy 9 water cache. On the way there we picked up Atlas's footprints and a mile later we met Eric. The is Eric's first thru hike and Joe and I both wished him the best of luck. He told us that he was just hanging out doing 15 mile days with his 40 lb pack. 

The rest of the day was hot, really hot. I got sunburned in places that I thought were protected. My face, neck, ears and other places I thought were covered by my hat. Maybe the reflection off the ground got me, who knows. My feet were doing okay, just walk a few minutes until they are numb and I'm  good to go until the next stop. Little did I know my right knee was going to decide to mess with me. Not the knee but the whole backside, maybe my knee brace bruised the tendons or something. I'll have to play Dr. Google. Anyway, after another 13 miles on it I was starting to get worried.  We made it to the hwy 113 water cache around 4:30 and I decided to try to hitchhike to Lordsburg - skipping the last 20 miles of hiking into town. I just wasn't sure what direction or if it was even possible. Joe got some water, there was only a gallon left. Being the great guy he is, he left some for the guy behind us and started walking.  I told him I'd try for 15 minutes and then catch up. Soon as I gave up and walked down the trail 100ft I heard a car.  A quick sprint back to the road and Norro the plumber picked me up. His crew was doing some work in the Playas, a military and government training site in the middle of the desert. It actually sounds pretty cool. He was a really nice guy and I'm glad my smell didn't offend him, he even kept the windows up. I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm a Mennonite though...

I had a difficult time justifying leaving Joe to get some rest for my feet and knee but I think it was the right thing to do. He should get in tomorrow night and I'll have some cold beer waiting for him to make up for ditching him. I haven't moved since I got here, my leg got pretty stiff on the drive here and I'm just laying here icing it. Heres to the best, welcome to the CDT.

BTW, I told Katie I wanted to come home while sitting at this photosphere and she told me I wasn't allowed to until I finished the hike.  I wonder if the Econo lodge has weekly rates...

Day 4 will be pretty lame and leave me wondering what I'm doing out here giving up so easily. It's turned into more of a mental struggle now, not something I was expecting.

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