Friday, May 1, 2015

SPOT Tracking is up!

After hours and hours of grueling negations I was finally coerced to purchase and use a SPOT personal locator beacon. Good news, I probably won't die out there and you can see where I'm at. Bad news, more weight and something else that needs to be charged.

Regardless, I activated it and tested it out today. Check out the SPOT - Live Tracking page to see the map.  A quick little run around Reno to buy HVAC parts for a fancy evaporative cooler install.  There is a way to make another map that shows more than 30 days and I'm working on getting that set up so you can see the whole trek.

Anyway, back to work in the attic.  Enjoy the big brother feeling you're going to get tracking my every move.

Here's a screen shot for you.

1 comment:

  1. Sweet - now we can track your every move! And if a grizzly eats you, we can track him down and get the super sweet tracker back :). just kidding!