Friday, May 15, 2015

Day five still in Lordsburg

It seems no matter how long I sit and rest my leg it isn't going to get better. Joe finally showed up today and after a hug and some crying everything is back to normal. We will hit the trail tomorrow morning at 0500. Word on the street is that Silver City has a brewery.
I'd like to share a poem I wrote.  I don't usually write poetry because I don't know how to.  Another example of how bored I am.

Waste'n away in a hotel room
Nothing to do but wallow in gloom
The desert is hot
The rain is wet
When the beers aren't cold
The waiting gets old
Even if I'm crawl'n
Silver City is a call'n
Gonna pack up my bags
And slap on my rags
Fill up my pail
And hit the trail

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