Friday, July 10, 2015

July 10th/11th

July 10th 2015 and June 11th 2015
Just getting in a quick word, I'll finish this tomorrow. Today wasn't particularly difficult, I just made it difficult.  I slept in a little while trying to talk myself out of climbing Mount Massive only to give up and do it.  It was cold and extremely windy, maybe 50+ mph, I could barely stand. I made it up in an hour and fifty minutes and kinda ran back down in a little over an hour. On the way up I raced one of those ultra trail runners, he beat me back down as I'm not a big fan of running down mountains.  The chipmunks stayed away from my stuff and I was packed up and out by 9 or 10, I don't remember.
The trail was well groomed like a walking path in a city park. Well close enough, there were a few mud holes and rocky sections. Trudging through I made it 20 something miles to Tennessee Pass and camped out by the parking lot. I have all these car noises zipping by now. I would have liked to camp further out but I ran out of water and was looking for some. Oh! There was a cooler with trail magic in it. Not for me it was all gone but how cool, you never see that kind of thing out here.
I'm in Breckenridge/Silverthorne now because I woke up at midnight and hiked another 20 something miles. I had to get to the post office in Breckenridge before 1 pm when they close. I don't remember much but I made it. All of the hotels in Breckenridge were booked so I took the free bus to Silverthorne and convinced Viper, Tragic and Trivia to stay another night. They are taking the Ley route and I'm going to do a modified version of the Grey's Torrey's route to bag some more 14ers. Hopefully I'll see them in a couple days at Grand Lakes.
And we're off!

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