Thursday, July 9, 2015

July 9th

Woot woot.
All done...
Today was a butt kicker. I climbed and descended like a champ. For lunch I made it to Twin Lakes, I had a super tasty pulled pork sandwich and some weird curly fries covered in cheese. I exhibited great self control and packed up after I dried out my tent and charged my phone. Thank god for that last part or I wouldn't be able to type this... Blogging while listening to Mozart on my mini jambox. I also just had a 30 minute phone conversation with Katie while eating dinner. Which I might add was a tasty Mountain House meal some CT hiker left in the hiker box. Silly CT hikers, I crossed paths with about 20 today. I think they are all going the wrong direction, one of them told me he can spot CDT hikers by their tiny packs. I was honored to be included in this group as my pack can grow as I start carrying dumb luxury items.
The weather and my timing didn't work out for an ascent of Mt Elbert. So I'm camped out at the base of Mount Massive, it was a few miles further and should be a good 14er. I'll leave my tent up and hope the chipmunks keep their distance. They will if they know what's good for them. My awful smelling socks should help. As long as it clears up and stops raining I'll try to get up there. I really don't want to as my body is pretty tired but I can't turn down a good challenge. I keep thinking about this saying "do it now as it's the best shape you'll ever be in" and boom, I'm a sucker for side trips.

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