Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July 8th - journaling against time

July 8th 2015
Almost out of battery life. I had a hot date with a new battery recharger but she canceled on me for some reason. Due to the lack of sun I'm on my last 8% of life. I even planned on doing a video journal but I hiked until dark and am currently not carrying my stage lighting setup.
Let's make it quick....
Woke up
Realized it was raining
Slept in until 7
Hiked in frozen clouds with no views
Chose this difficult route for the views
Stayed up high on the divide
Heard voices
Fell and ripped my new pants
Met a couple bus loads of Younglife people
Watched them cut switchbacks
Watched them drink hot cocoa
Had their leader in a bear hat/suit stare me down and not offer cocoa
Kept walking
Now hate Younglife and will say inappropriate things about premarital relationships to the next group I meet
Kept walking
And walking
Ate early lunch in break in rain
Tried to dry out tent
Didnt work
More hiking
Crossed a few rivers
Met some CT hikers
Got service and left nice voice message for Katie
Kept hiking
Got rained on a few more times
Got hailed on
Hid under tree while it rained, hailed and lightninged
Hiked up a mountain
Couldn't take photosphere of sweet pass
Ran down mountain
Hiked more
Setup tent and ate mashed potatoes with beef jerky dumped in
More rain
Twin lakes tomorrow if I'm lucky. I think it's only 8-10 miles away.  I'm really worried I won't be able to climb Elbert, we'll see what the weather does. 

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