Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27th - how to be lazy

July 27th 2015
Got out of the hotel today a little late.  We were preparing to hike but never did, oh my.  I woke up rather grumpy because my resupply was expensive and very heavy. We headed to the post office and then the library. ALL of the outfitters were closed so I'm going to probably run out of fuel for my stove.  Really not that big of a deal as I can probably just cold cook.
After dragging ass all day we finally headed to Bucks Grill for lunch,  the food was tasty and the $1 PBRs were pretty good too. Then the magic happened, one by one, thru hikers started showing up.  I met Cookie Monster, Fist Man, and Chilly.  Hedgehog came into town along with Moist,  Nightcrawler, and Trivia.  It was a short fiesta at the grill then we all went our separate ways.  It was nice to know that there are others out there!

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