Saturday, July 18, 2015

July 18 - not alone anymore

.July 18th 2015
It took a few weeks but I finally met up with some other hikers on trail. Last night they were supposed to catch me but never did. This morning I took my time and right round 7 am Trivia walked up. We hiked for a while and at the top of Parkview mountain Viper and Tragic showed up. They actually showed up earlier but there was no way I was letting anyone beat me to the top of the mountain. Parkview mountain was quite the climb but the views at the top were pretty epic.
We hiked togetherish for the rest of the day and even had lunch as a group, it was fabulous. Eventually the weather rolled in and Trivia freaked out. He left us and headed down the mountain, his stomach was pretty upset and eventually I got a text message from him letting us know he was trying to get to town.
Hiking until 9 we made pretty good miles today, a couple over 30 if I had to guess. I'm a little sore, there was quite a bit of climbing and descending. We stuck to the divide all day and had a good mix of trees and grassy balds as we hiked. After Parkview we straddled the divide and meandered through trees and grassy balds along the Rabbit Ears mountain range.
Tomorrow we should be in Steamboat for a well earned resupply and possible zero.

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