Thursday, July 2, 2015

July 2nd

July 2nd 2015

We bailed on Salida, CO after 2 days and nights of city life.  The first night was spent in a hostel paying way too much for a cramped up 3 bunk room. Bigfoot was mad that there wasn't any soap or shampoo to use in the showers. The second night was spent in total luxury at the Hampton Inn. Viper had points from, Shu, now I know why you always buy the room on disc golf trips. So Reststop and I paid the difference, the hotel was still way overpriced. We spent the day with Squral and Laughs (Holly) at various drinking establishments. The night wasn't much different, you would be surprised to know that my backpack isn't much heavier and carries 12 PBRs like a champ.

That leaves us a day and night 3. Viper and I lounged around the room until checkout while Reststop got out of dodge as quickly as possible - he knew if he stayed it would never make it out of town. Eventually we walked to the post office and Viper got his new shoes. I've never seen a grown man so excited. Sitting outside the post office we met a nice lady and told her about our hike. Afterwards we headed to a pizza joint for the lunch special, pizza and a beer for $4.  From there it was off to Safeway so Viper could resupply. Viper convinced me to come up to the pass with him and camp for free instead of paying $25 to stay at the hostel. I agreed and bought a pack of hotdogs for dinner. I knew we were going to be screwed because it was already raining and thundering in all directions.  Eating my pint of ice cream outside, the same lady from the post office ran into us and said hi. A moment later she came back from her car to ask us if we needed a ride, of course we did!  The ride didn't get us to the pass but it got us a couple miles out of town. From there we got another ride to the Monarch Ski Area, we hopped the guard rail on the other side of the road and bushwhacked down to the Monarch Park campground. Much to our surprise, the place was getting logged out and completely empty. There was a logging crew nearby and they eventually spotted us. We just waved and the guy drove by, it is yet to be determined if the cops will show up and tell us to leave. One of the bathrooms is still open and there is even some TP, so we got that going for us.  Oh, and it's raining and thundering all over the place.

I'm sitting here in my awesome new tent super excited! Katie and I spoke before I lost service and she's on her way! I told her to look at my stop and try to find me in the morning. She is planning on making it to Grand Junction tonight, which is 4 hours away. I plan on sitting by the road and waiting for her in the morning, true love.


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