Monday, July 13, 2015

Solo Dance Party at 13,000 feet

July 13th 2015
Turns out I-70 wasn't so noisy after all. I woke up to the rumble of semis cruising up and down the mountains. When I eventually got out of my tent a couple deer unhappily greeted me. After a mile or two of bike path and a really nice bridge made just for the CDT it was time to climb another four or five thousand feet. Who's keeping track, not me, it would just be depressing to know that I climbed over 15,00 feet in the last 24hrs. Today was about the divide, I stayed on the divide all day long. Even when the rain and thunderstorms rolled in I walked on the highest ridge around. Sometime around mid morning I got my malto and caffeine fix on and that's about when the dance party started. Good music and extra energy always leads to a dance party.  The day drug on and on and the miles slowly crept by. Eventually I realized that I needed to make it to town before the post office closed so the chase was on. Getting to Berthound Pass around 4:15 I got lucky and the 2nd car to pass gave me a ride straight to the post office. Across from the post office I indulged in happy hour appetizers and micro brewed beer. There was also an unceremonious tossing of my well traveled hiking shorts, RIP buddy you will be missed.
Saying goodbye to a new friend, I hit the streets to hitch back to the pass. Eventually Kathy, a girl getting off work from a hotel, gave me a ride up to the pass. She neglected to tell me until the top that she could have gotten me a deal on lodging. Slightly intoxicated I decided to hike on. Only after she left did I realize that the trail is completely on the divide and I'm stuck at the pass in the freezing rain for the night. There is this restroom/warming hut with NO CAMPING INSIDE THE BUILDING signs all over the place but I think I'll try my luck. Hopefully the lights on motion sensors that will never go off and the semi constant flow of people coming in to use the restrooms won't bother me too much. On second thought I might set up my tent, we'll give it a little longer.

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