Saturday, July 25, 2015

July 25 - no more friendzzz

July 25, 2015
I finally got to see the real Wyoming today. There is nothing here, sage brush and yellow grass as far as you can see. It's absolutely lovely and I'm so happy to be in Wyoming... Getting out of town is always tough, after messing around one of our fellow campers offered to give us a ride.  There was a slight umbrella debacle with another thru hiker going southbound. We found and I took an umbrella that was in the hiker box at Lazy Acres campground. This kid Matt rolled in this morning freaking out about an umbrella his buddy Reststop left for him. I got all of this second hand from Hedgehog but in the end decided to give this kid the umbrella. The kid was weird and it's funny how our hiker cliques will pick up on that and make fun of him. It's just the opposite for people we like, lots of positive things and compliments for those hikers are spoken to each other.
Anyway, we got to the trailhead and jumped out. Hedgehog quickly realized he left his hiking poles in the car. I'm not sure what he did or how he got them back. It might have required a hitch back to town or maybe he got lucky and the guy came back... It was 10:00 so I took off and said goodbye to everyone, hiker goodbye that is. It goes kind like this "see you guys later". The later is a very broad time frame ranging from 10 minutes to never.
Hiking along I trudged on and put in some miles. The mountains turned into cross country trail blazing through fields of tall grass and sage. Eventually I was met by a road that I will be on for the next 30 miles, mummmmm road. I found a road construction parking area to set up my tent. I also stole some water out of the back of a pickup truck. It's tough out here and the lack of water has turned me into a common criminal. For dinner I tried one of Nightcrawler's meals, rice, coconut milk and some sort of curry block. Holy moly it was tasty as crap, I'll have to find out where she got everything. All of the writing was in Chinese or something similar. Here's to a non cow-trampled or mice-attacked night.

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