Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 21st - ballin on a budget

July 21st 2015
Don't mind the title, I've decided that my mind is lost and can't be found. Today was pretty cool, I hiked with new friends. Waking up earlyish I got my stuff together and headed to the privy! I have a love hate relationship with privies. While they are technically a toilets, they are generally pretty nasty and sometimes the woods are more appealing.
Viper and Tragic took off at exactly 7 am and I knew I would never catch them. Partially because they are fast and mostly because I knew they wouldn't really wait for me. I left at 7:30 with Hedgehog and we just cruised along, eventually Moist and Nightcrawler joined up.
For a while it rained and rained and rained on us. When it got really bad we just hid under trees and waited. Eventually the fog/clouds subsided and we were greeted with some great views of the surrounding area and the Zirkel mountains and wilderness. The photos in the fog were pretty cool too. Around 6:30 Hedgehog dropped off because this was his first day on the trail after a long stint with stomach issues. We hiked until 8:45 and really basked in the amazing sunset. I think I took 50 photos.
It was a nice laid back day and we still put in some good miles, over 30. The most exciting part is that we're only 32 miles from the Wyoming border, thank God. Back to the open desert and some big miles, maybe the rain will leave us alone too.

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