Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 28th - into the basin... Alone

A July 28th 2015
Rattlesnakes and drama, my life on trail. Another late start and I finally lost my mind. After the free breakfast we headed back to the room to leave.  Well I did,  Viper and Trajik just goofed off.  Trivia was there too but he disclosed to me that he was taking a bus back to San Francisco and ending his thru hike. Around nine I dawned my backpack and told them I would see them in Lander,  the next town. I fully expected them to be right behind me. When I didn't see them on the horizon I sent a text to Trajik, they hadn't left yet because she was trying to convince Trivia to stay. Slightly pissed ,I kept walking - now I would be hiking the next 120 miles through the great divide basin by myself. Lame.

I met a guy named Wrongturn around lunch and passed him again shortly after. For the rest of the day I was kept entertained by cows, birds,  owls,  bugs,  deer and these horned antelope things.  I forget what they are. I did learn an interesting fact, the area around Rawlings had this red ore and it was made into a pretty durable paint back in the day. They called the color "Rawlings Red" and it was the official color for the Brooklyn Bridge. Dupont has since made some less awesome paint that they now use.
Hiking fast and furiously I made it to a funny tasting spring around 8 and made some dinner.  I was harassed by countless doves and this big owl that showed no fear. An hour or so more of night hiking and I was spent. This place is huge and full of interesting stuff. Only 90 more miles to go, hopefully I don't lose my mind.

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