Sunday, July 19, 2015

July 19 - Steamboat Springs

July 19th 2015
We were up and extremely motivated to hike today, only 9 miles to the pass and town.  Hiking by 6:30 we stuck together and listened to music on the mini Jambox until the battery died. Shortly after that my cell phone battery died.  Once the music was over Tragic starting hiking fast and left us. I kept stopping to readjust and take my rain gear on and off. Before I knew it I was solo.
I reached the pass by 9:30 and the other two were gone, I guess they already got a ride. I didn't get so lucky and 3 hours later I was in town.
Steamboat is nice but is just another Colorado ski town. Mentally these towns are draining me, I just want to stop hiking and do nothing. Every town I fight the urge to stop hiking for a while, or maybe even for everrrrrrr!!!!!  Wyoming should have some crappy towns and I hopefully won't feel that way anymore.
I walked around trying to find some shoes with no luck. No one had the shoes or size I need. I rode the bus around town, had a good time and eventually got a very discounted room with Viper and Tragic at the Rabbit Ears Motel.
Tomorrow I'll rent a car and head back to Grand Lake to get my shoes.

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