Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20 Back to Grand Lake

July 20th 2015
After some sleeping in I hopped on a bus and went to Enterprise to get a rental car. I convinced Viper and Tragic to join me and we were off to Grand Lake to get my most expensive pair of shoes ever, thanks Amazon...
Three hikers one car, it was like a party.
Mission accomplished we dropped off the car and went to a brewery. Of course we went to the post office, got some stuff from Walmart and took care of any important tasks first. But that's boring and who wants to read about that, breweries are soo much cooler. Eventually a Hiker named Lennon came and gave us a ride to the trail. Upon reaching the trail and also the campsite we decided to stay and we met some new hikers!!!!! Moist, a guy from southern California. Nightcrawler, a girl from Washington and Hedgehog, a guy from Salida. It was nice meeting new people and the 6 of us chatted it up for hours. Probably because we camped at 7 pm, who knows, it was nice. Back on the trail, hopefully my vacation town depression will go away. I'm going to work on the clinical definition for vacation town depression and post an update.

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