Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 26th - Rawlings

July 26th 2015
Oh semi paved roads across our great country, how I love you. I've never really respected our country's county roads and dirt roads that used to connect everything.  It takes countless miles of walking on them through never-ending landscapes of desolation to truly appreciate them. Water was scarce and the sun was hot,  I kept playing the song "horse with no name" over and over.
Walking wasn't so bad,  the miles slowly passed by.  Water was bad and nonexistent so I got some from CDT cyclists and kept going.  Good music and Kevin Smith's audio biography kept me occupied until some guy offered me a ride.  I politely accepted and we headed to Rawlings.  I had hit the asphalt so I was okay taking a ride into town. Walking on asphalt really bangs up the knees so I'm skipping a few miles here and there.
I bought my ride a beer and then went to meet up with Viper and Tragic. We all took care of our typical town stuff and walked across town to Wal-Mart. Rawlings is pretty run down and the only thing keeping it alive is the refinery.  Back to the desert tomorrow.

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